Vibeke E. Hjortdal MD, PhD, DMSc

Professor, senior consultant
Department of Thoracic Surgery, The Heart Center, Copenhagen University Hospital – Rigshospitalet

The research focus is Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) including etiology, diagnostics, treatment, and long-term outcome. The research stretches from the prenatal life to the adult patient with CHD looking at genetics, the maternal fetal environment including placenta, the perioperative treatment, and the long-term consequences of living with a congenital heart disease. In certain subtypes of CHD, lymphatic vessels become abnormal in structure and function and lymphatic fluid accumulates and leaks out of the body.  In the research group we use basic science, clinical investigations and registries to explore the causes and the consequences and seek ways to optimize the vasomotion and to reroute the lymphatic fluid. Neurodevelopment and psychiatric wellbeing of patients with CHD are studied using advanced MR techniques and neurodevelopmental and psychiatric test tools as well as patient reported outcomes. The research bridges national and international networks and collaborations.  

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